Les parets de Protean al Nivell 3 de la Tate Modern per a Damien Hirst

Following the success of the Reform system on level 4 which following a run of around 10 reconfigurations will be utilised within a semi permanent location for the next 12 months, the Tate Modern have now procured another set of components for the new temporary gallery area on level 3.
Although there is a variation between the 2 floors the walling has been specified so that the internal framework is largely consistent dimensionally and the majority can be interchanged between the floors to provide an additional facility if required for larger exhibitions.
Since the initial installation on level 4 the system has been further developed to include a revised mid joint, new filler and jointing tape all with the aim of speeding up the installation process. These details will also be added to the new claddings for level 4 as it becomes appropriate to replace the claddings.
The first application for the new system will be the forthcoming prestigious Damien Hirst exhibition.

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